Weekly Videos

Once in office, Jerrod and his team will produce brief videos weekly from DC and at home in Washington explaining:
- What is happening
- What opportunities and challenges we are facing
- What votes were cast and why Jerrod voted a certain way
- Who is attempting to bully Jerrod's vote

Jerrod is committed to a unique level of transparency as congressman. As a result, you will learn and Central Washington will win together!

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Meet At The Farm.

Periodically, Jerrod will invite you to meet him in the district and in DC. Your voice matters and it will be heard. Anyone in the district that wants to meet, talk, and learn, while enjoying the gorgeous landscape of Central Washington will be welcome.

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Walk the District

Jerrod will walk much of Central Washington during the campaign with the hope of meeting everyone! The point of this project is to give you an opportunity to voice your concerns about the trajectory of the country and to collectively confirm for Jerrod Central Washington's top priorities.

The Walk-The-District project details including schedule, opportunities to meet Jerrod, and opportunities to get involved are included on our calendar.

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