Jerrod's Vision

Without vision people will perish, but blessed are those who follow God's teachings. - Proverbs 29:18


Traditional American values, founded in Judeo-Christian beliefs drive my vision in every endeavor I pursue.

I see the potential for a healthy America and know from my own experience that health does not come from an unending abuse of the system.

We need more of the bold leadership we have seen in recent years to oppose a radical leftist agenda determined to destroy America.

As your representative in Congress, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our kids and grandkids get to live in an America that they can be proud of again. An America that stands for faith, family, and common sense, founded on the values that have made this nation the greatest in the world. Day after day, we are seeing our country turning inwards and our freedoms rapidly eroding. While countries like China take steps to overpower us, many of our representatives would rather spend time navel-gazing, focusing on ridiculous issues like whether biological men should participate in women's sports, yet still pretending to be the party of female empowerment. It is unfortunate that many of our congressional representatives do not seem to have even a basic understanding of the social compact. Our country needs representatives that stand for the people, not for special interest groups or their radical agendas.

Anti-Corruption Mission

As patriotic Americans, we find ourselves at the whim of a small but radical faction that seeks to control us, cancel us, and belittle our traditional values. And while they would have us reject America and its founding documents and beliefs, I propose a different path. We must reinvigorate the institutions of American democracy by shining light on the deep-rooted corruption that has infected Washington D.C.

Why Now?

In order to prosper we must put America first. When we win, the world wins because a strong America is a protective America. A strong America has resulted in a world that is safer and more stable than at any other time in human history. While the left would have us think America is a cesspool of racism and bigotry, the truth is that we are the freest and fairest nation ever, flaws and all. Join me on this journey to build a future we can be proud of. I promise that as your representative, you will have a congressman who will loudly and proudly say, "Yes" to America.


I volunteered for the military to protect this great nation from foreign threats. Today, our greatest threat is right here in America.

- Jerrod Sessler