About Jerrod

Immediately following high school and before attending college to earn an engineering degree, Jerrod Sessler served as a petty-officer in the US Navy where he learned to put country and neighbor first. Ten years later, Jerrod faced a battle of another kind when he was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Given a five percent chance to live, Jerrod beat the odds and has been healthy ever since. Jerrod credits his miraculous recovery to the grace of God, the love and support of his wife and family, and to the power of eating his greens.

Now Jerrod is determined to serve his country once again, this time as Central Washington’s 4th District representative in congress. With his commitment to upholding the Constitution, Jerrod is driven to bring his America-first approach to Washington on behalf of his fellow Central Washingtonians. Jerrod will defend the families and farmers of Central Washington to stop a bloated government bureaucracy and an out of touch leftist minority from wreaking any more havoc on this great nation.




We need immigration reform that considers needs in agriculture, manufacturing, and technology.

National Debt

We operate our homes and businesses within a budget. Congress needs to get out of the candy store and do the same with our national budget.

Veterans & First Responders

We must honor and defend those who care for and protect our safety, including our 2nd Amendment rights.


Regulations on our lands, including draconian control over water rights and usage, needs to change.


A strong economy yields capacity and capital for us to ensure we protect the environment.

Intrastate Bullying

We need to protect Eastern WA from the constant attacks born in Western WA.

"Remember that we are on an adventure inked by grace"

- Jerrod S.