Jerrod's Story

Government was not designed to obstruct every area of our lives. It is time to get back to the original intent of the Constitution.

About Jerrod

As a decorated veteran, entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and former NASCAR driver, Jerrod Sessler is determined to serve the people of Central Washington by bringing his fresh perspective and America-first approach to Washington on their behalf.

Jerrod is determined to serve his country once again, this time as Central Washington’s representative in congress. With his commitment to upholding the Constitution, Jerrod is driven to bring his America-first approach to Washington on behalf of his fellow Central Washingtonians. Jerrod will defend the families and farmers of Central Washington to stop a bloated government bureaucracy and an out of touch leftist minority from wreaking any more havoc on this great nation.


Nationality: American Patriot
Birthdate: Aug. 26, 1969
Military Service: US Navy, USS Constellation
Race: Human
Religion: Jesus
Spouse: Nikki
Children: Gabe, Farrell, and Jake
Favorite color: Used to be blue. Now, red.
Favorite numbers: 3 & 8
Sport: Racing


US Navy Achievement Medal
SBA Small Businessperson of the Year (2007)
SBA Veteran Champion of the Year (2010)

jerrod’s Life

Immediately following high school and before attending college to earn an engineering degree, Jerrod Sessler served as a petty-officer in the US Navy where he learned to put country and neighbor first. Ten years later, Jerrod and his wife were shocked by the news that he had stage IV cancer. Given a five percent chance to live, Jerrod switched to a plant-based diet and has been healthy ever since.

In 2004, Jerrod started HomeTask, a home service business that leverages the franchise business model to meet the home service repair needs of individuals throughout the US and Canada. With veteran discounts for franchisees, Jerrod has been able to support veterans who have dedicated their lives and risked their futures to make America great again.

Jerrod is a man of faith and has attended a biblically-based Christian church for many years. His commitment to Jesus and the gospel of Christ has stirred in him a passion for sharing that unlimited hope and joy with others. It has also grounded Jerrod and pushed him to be a better husband and father. Jerrod and his wife Nikki have been married for 25 years and are the proud parents of three grown children.


"Deregulation increases liberty and promotes growth. We must respect the social compact of trusting each other rather than relying on government to control every aspect of our lives."

- Jerrod Sessler