America is a Nation of liberty and personal freedom and there’s no greater expression of that than the freedom of mobility and pursuing our passions - on and off-road. To that end, I want to ensure that our national love for motorsports and power sports is put front and center, protected and continues to flourish in the 21st Century.

Jerrod Sessler will be the strongest-ever advocate for motorsports and power sports to represent us in US Congress. Jerrod hails from the great state of Washington and is a true patriot for performance.

Jerrod is a former NASCAR driver in the late-model and touring series. His sons are active, avid, and talented drivers who compete in go karts and cars at race tracks throughout the country. His family respects the traditions of American car culture.

So Jerrod understands firsthand the all-American, generational passion for motorsports and power sports of all kinds. He is also keenly aware of the gross EPA overreach that threatens the racing industry, track and drag racing and extends to off-road vehicles, RV'ing, boating and even our gas-powered accessories.

Jerrod recognizes that regulation imposed by the EPA’s Clean Air Act affects everything from gas prices to the supply of basic commodities. It also imperils thousands of legal businesses manufacturing, installing, and selling aftermarket modifications, race tracks, and vendors to the racing and automotive industry. These over-reaching restrictions even stretch into landscaping, and ground maintenance companies.

Having been part of the racing world and successful in the business and finance arena, Jerrod understands the positive economic impact motorsports and power sports generate as well as the need for sensible environmental protection. He is the ideal candidate to moderate climate legislation that has been advanced by overzealous environmentalists and botched by a panicked, climate-obsessed administration.

Jerrod is a guardian of individual liberty and freedom that finds its purest expression in motorsports and power sports. He will put these core American values at the forefront of his governing agenda.

Motorsport fans and friends in Washington’s 4th District are invited to support Jerrod for Congress and the Save our Racecars initiative at the Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval event on April 16, 2022.

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